Digital Dominates Marketing

When I was a young man in this business I attended a weeklong seminar in New York that emphasized how marketing executives had to grab hold of the computer revolution and take it away from the accounting department’s sole ownership.

In a recent article, Harvard Business Review outlined just how far that revolution has come in the digital age. The article notes, “Today, digitally recorded data describe nearly everything about our world … and it’s the marketing department that’s become the central depository (for this data).”

I’ve been around long enough to have lived through this revolution so, in a way, looking back on it, I’m surprised at just how rapidly everything has happened.

Everyday, nearly first thing, I check analytics for those clients we represent. I can determine who their customers are, where they come from, whether they like football or fütbol, and whether they use a desktop or a mobile to access information. I can use that data immediately.

Yes, advertising has changed dramatically. It’s much like a train that has entered a tunnel; a steam engine going in, a bullet train coming out. What will it be tomorrow?

Edward M. Pond
Augusten Advertising

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