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28% of Consumers Watch Live TV

Male hand holding TV remote control.

A Business Insider article reports that Cox Consumer Insights, “discovered that only 28% of consumers watch live TV.” Cox attributes this to the “growing popularity of Hulu Plus,” but also says that 53% of people watching content that isn’t live — was from DVR and on-demand offerings.

So, does the technology behind increasingly popular video streaming services—think both Amazon Prime Instant Video access and its Fire Sticks—actually make cutting the proverbial cable cord cheaper or easier than all-in-one telecom services? Not really.
But maybe the most amusing part of the post is when Cox gets tied up a bit in logical knots by trying to criticize cord cutting’s reliance on the internet — which Cox itself also provides:

We hate to say it, but it sometimes happens: your WiFi signal drops or your Internet temporarily cuts out. Internet-free hours can be stressful, but we think they can be quelled by a little channel surfing.