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What in the World is a Boutique Advertising Agency?: Boutique Advertising

Barron’s Marketing Dictionary defines a boutique agency as one that “specializes in the creative aspects of advertising, offering services that have to do with the creation of advertisements.The staff is usually small and is composed entirelyof copywriters and artists. Generally, the talent is very high caliber…”.

We do think of ourselves as a Boutique Advertising Agency and yes, our staff is relatively small. However, our experience and knowledge goes far beyond the creative into market research, media analysis and selection, website development, Search Engine Optimization, internet advertising, strategic planning and budgeting.

We’ve lived in the heady atmosphere of Madison Avenue where even large accounts can get lost in the shuffle.

We have chosen a different road.

We think you will like it.


Getting More Out of The World Wide Web.: The World Wide Web

Before most of your new customers visit your store or sales office, they will visit your website ….. your virtual showroom.

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Advertising Trends?
How about this one?

The trade magazine Advertising Age has reported that the Atlanta office of BBDO “ … is shifting its focus away from TV production and toward content and analytics as marketers seek a different mix of services.” The publication also reported, “When the transition is complete, more than half the staff will be devoted to analytics, small screen content production and digital creative.”

The advertising world of Mad Men may no longer exist. Have the nerds taken over?